What The Deal Dale – Episode 94 w/ Remi Jones

Episode 94 with Remi Jones

Dale: I’m looking at your profile and I see you started off working for a place called Video City
Television Network. Tell me about that experience!

Remi: My sister, she’s a host and she said: Come down to New York City just to hang out. I am going to be on set today. Remi I think you have a great personality. Why don’t you try it.” She said: “Just do a quick drop!” So I said: “Whats up everyone you’re watching Video City TV, where positivity
…and that’s how it happened … I started becoming a host and a producer and started bringing
them celebrity content.

Dale: that’s how I caught notice of what you were doing I saw you doing these interviews of these
celebrities and things like that whats cool about it is you spun off and doing your own thing now
called Remi TV tell me about that

Remi: So Remi TV started when I realized, I don’t want to bring my talents and bring other peoples’
talents to someone else’s show so I said let me do my own show and bring my celebrity people to my

Watch the full Episode with Remi Jones:

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