There were a few tell tale signs much earlier on that could have foretold my future as a stand-up comic. In middle school, I had my first taste of stand-up when I paired up with my buddy to tell jokes in a school talent show. It's a very vague memory of which I can only remember the donning of big colorful bow ties and cracking knock knock jokes. In 2010, my wife of 10 years and I had threw an anniversary party where I gave a toast visiting each table personally and roasting my family and friends.

Shortly after, my uncle had passed and I wanted strongly to speak on his behalf. My mother told me that my uncle was adamant that there should be no crying at his funeral but that everyone should celebrate the life that he did have. In a brave attempt to fulfill my uncles request, I addressed the crowd with observations celebrating the very nuances of my uncles character; those that everyone had come to know and love. Though it was a risk, it proved to be the right choice as the somber faces in the crowd, for that moment at least, began to smile, then laugh loosely and and eventually heartily through the pain and enjoy the "breath of fresh air."

This was a defining moment for me because it was at this time that I knew that with a lot of hard work, and attention to detail, I had the ability to use comedy as a platform to affect the lives of others in a big way. Since then, I've entertained crowds throughout New England. My approach to comedy is to entertain and create an environment whereby everyone can unwind, take a break from every day life and enjoy the moment. My comedy style reflects that of the every day family man; working hard, raising a family and trying to navigate this sometimes crazy world.

Born in New York City and raised in Providence Rhode Island, I've been married for over 17 years, am raising two boys and easily make people laugh with hilarious anecdotes about family, colleagues, and keen observations. I pride myself on delivering a comedy style that's accessible to a wide audience by simply reflecting on my experiences as an everyday man. Head on over to youtube and see a sample or watch an entire set. If you like what you see, Book Me Thank you for visiting.